Deciding to Pledge Sigma Chi

Deciding to pledge a fraternity is always a big choice. You may have many questions about the fraternity in which you are thinking of pledging. You may be concerned with getting hazed (which does not happen at Iota Tau). Pledging Sigma Chi is a great opportunity to learn about yourself, the active brothers, your pledge brothers and the rich history of the Sigma Chi Fraternity. It also is a gateway to becoming a leader, a brother and a part of a larger international organization. Pledging and initiation will open doors to new life long skills, a large network of people and personal growth. Pledging Sigma Chi is a life long commitment and extends beyond just your college years. There are countless numbers of alumni that still actively participate with not only the Iota Tau Chapter, but chapters nationwide.

The purpose of the pledge process is to teach potential brothers about the history of Sigma Chi, the history of the Chapter, and to learn more about themselves and the brothers in the fraternity. Pledgeship is a 6-8 week program with weekly meetings and other various events. In pledging you will learn about the differnt morals, values, purposes and goals of the Sigma Chi Fraternity. You will receive opportunities to make new friends with the active brothers as well as your pledge brothers. Believe us…you will be better friends with these guys in a matter of weeks than you have with people that you’ve known for years.

At no time throughout the process of joining Sigma Chi will a person be hazed. This includes doing something humiliating, harmful, against his will, or illegal. During your pledgeship, you will grow close to your fellow pledge brothers as you work towards Initiation.

This description is meant to be brief. There are events during your pledgeship that hold very special meaning, and the effect of those events only works once. If we were do describe in detail every event that you will encounter, much of the experience would be lost.

Pledgeship is a program which lasts between 6-8 weeks. During each of those weeks, there will be weekly pledge meetings where you will read the Norman Shield (see below), which contains information and history about Sigma Chi. During these meetings you will have the opportunity to interact with your pledge brothers as well as many of the active members of the chapter (and sometimes alumni too). The information taught from the Norman Shield will be used at the end of your pledge process to evaluate the possibility of entering I-Week.

There are other events scheduled throughout your pledge process to promote brotherhood, to learn more about yourself and to think about the world around you. These additional events help will help you to grow as an individual and to make new life long bonds with the gentlemen that you meet.

The Norman Shield is the reference manual of the Sigma Chi Fraternity. It contains information about the history of the fraternity, going all the way back to 1855 when Sigma Chi was created. It tells of the rift between the members of the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity members, which eventually led to our creation. The Norman Shield talks about each of the 7 founders, as well as the nomenclature and insignia related to the fraternity.

The book also covers information such as positions that can be held within the chapter and within the international fraternity. Manners, etiquette and other “gentlemanly” things are also taught.

The Norman Shield was designed and written for young men interested in joining fraternities. It inspires learning and deeper thought within the reader.

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