Thank you for your interest in becoming the Sigma Chi Sweetheart! A chapter sweetheart is an exemplary woman committed to the ideals of Sigma Chi, given to philanthropic service and committed to helping the brothers achieve their lofty goals. As the Sigma Chi Sweetheart your duties would be as follows:

  • Assisting chapter in organizing philanthropy events.
  • Helps organize the annual Sweetheart Ball held every Spring.
  • Helps us in choosing the next Sweetheart, keeps documentation for future Sweethearts.
  • Educates the brothers in etiquette and manners.
  • Encouraged to attend pledge meetings and social evnets.
  • As the Sigma Chi Sweetheart, you are elected by the men of the Fraternity to serve as the Chapter Sweetheart. She is the female face of the fraternity and spends a lot of time helping with events and projects as well as getting to know the brothers on a deeper level. The Sweetheart is held in very high regard and is treated with the utmost dignity and respect. It is not a beauty contest; our ideal Sweetheart must have good moral character, excellent grades, must possess outstanding leadership qualities, and a strong interest in the Sigma Chi Fraternity.

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    *Graduation Year:



    Address 2:



    *Zip Code:

    *Phone Number:


    *Sigma Chi is an organization that is based on values. List three of your personal values and give an example of how you live out that value in your life.

    *A Sigma Chi Sweetheart is a well-rounded young woman who displays diverse interests. Please list any activities or organizations you are currently involved in on or off campus.

    *The sweetheart is in charge of setting up at least one philanthropic event per semester during her term. What experience do you have setting up events for clubs, teams, etc.?

    *Why are you interested in becoming the Sigma Chi Sweetheart and what are you hoping to get out of this experience?

    *As the Sigma Chi Sweetheart, we want you to be the female face of the Fraternity that reflects Sigma Chi in the best way possible. How do you plan on achieving this?

    *Please include a small paragraph about yourself. You can include anything -- likes, dislikes, fun talents, hometown, etc.

    *Please enter the following to verify you're a real person.

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