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How to Join

Sigma Chi is a selective men’s organization that allows membership based on a process implemented at the undergraduate chapter level called “bidding.” The process varies widely on each campus and with each chapter, but at the heart of the process is an evaluation of a potential candidate by comparing him to Sigma Chi’s minimum set of standards for membership, called The Jordan Standard.

If the chapter determines that the potential candidate is a good fit for Sigma Chi, the candidate should decide if Sigma Chi is a good fit for him. The commitment to being a Sigma Chi is a lifelong obligation and is not one to be taken lightly. Therefore, potential members should feel encouraged and welcome to ask any questions they may have before making the decision to join.

After a “bid” has been offered by the chapter and accepted by the potential member, the process of pledging begins. “Pledging” quite literally means that the individual is making a promise to live up to the standards of Sigma Chi, and constitutes a trial period for the potential member to try Sigma Chi out before making the full committment required of lifelong membership. Upon the completion of the pledging process, the potential member is initiated into Sigma Chi by partaking in the Fraternity’s Ritual.

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