Leadership Programs

Sigma Chi places a particular focus on preparing undergraduate students with skills which they can use for the rest of their life. The most important skills are in regards to leadership and mentoring. Sigma Chi stresses the importance of developing the leaders of tomorrow. Below you will find information on programs that Sigma Chi has for cultivating leadership. The programs are not the only things though that instill leadership. By being a member of a chapter, you are provided endless opportunities to hold positions within the chapter which build leadership qualities. Sigma Chi also fosters skills in networking, developing lifelong relationships, etiquette and manners and much more. Read on below to learn about the Balfour Leadership Training Workshop and Horizons programs.


Horizons is a leadership program specifically created for Sigma Chi underclassmen who are eager and willing to improve themselves and their world. During the sessions of Horizons held each summer in Snowbird, Utah, undergraduates experience a six-day immersion in whole-brained learning that engages both mind and body through team-based exercises and personal reflection. The program, initially funded by Bob McNair, owner of the Houston Texans, runs completely free of charge to its undergraduate participants.

  • How leadership is directly linked to values and character
  • How to incorporate high-minded values into a lifelong practice of leadership
  • How to discover and utilize your full potential


The Balfour Leadership Training Workshop is a program designed to improve the quality of leadership in the Fraternity. Each August, leaders from Sigma Chi’s undergraduate chapters spend four days on a college campus, immersed in presentations, discussions and problem solving sessions about chapter operations and other issues that affect a chapter’s viability. The annual turnout is approximately 1,300 brothers making it the largest leadership training session in the Greek-letter world.

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