History of Iota Tau

The beginnings of the Iota Tau chapter was the remedy of a non-Greek campus to become Greek. Their belief in the Greek system to improve life on campus and the bring the Greek organizations back to St. Thomas. This plan was set into motion during the spring of 1987. These four students David McKee, Roger Wainwright, Eric Week, and Robert Wollan- launched their search for a fraternity that would bring strength, high ideals and respectability to Greek life at St. Thomas. These four founded Delta Sigma Chi.

They searched more than a dozen prominent national fraternities on six different campuses. Their goal – to find a Greek letter society whose ideals would inspire a rejuvenation of fraternal life and whose traditions would be match the University.

Their search ended when they visited the local Sigma Chi chapter at the University of Minnesota, Alpha Sigma Chapter, in Minneapolis. While St. Thomas is located in St. Paul the second states Twin Cities.

With the support and encouragement of St. Thomas, Alpha Sigma Chapter, and local alumni of Sigma Chi, the decision was made to apply for petitioning local status with Sigma Chi. The status was granted in August, and Delta Sigma Chi embarked on its first rush. The founders started with a mass mailing to incoming freshman, explaining the purpose of the fraternity. In November, the first 14 members were initiated into the college’s newest fraternity, dedicated to the pursuit of a Sigma Chi charter.

Since then an impressive collection of men aspiring to the Jordan Standard have joined the ranks of the petitioning fraternity. They believe that they reflect the spirit of Sigma Chi as conceived by the founders more than 130 years ago: that friendship among members can best be maintained by “sharing a common belief in an ideal and possessing different temperaments, talents and convictions … without surrendering the principle of individuality or sacrificing one’s personal judgment.”

Over the past 10 years we have won 6 Peterson Significant Chapter Awards and one Legion of Honor. Currently we are creating an Alumni Association for Iota Tau. Sigma Chi is the only fraternity on campus.Iota Tau will be starting off the new millennium with a 10 year anniversary of our chapter at St. Thomas. The festivities are already being planned, for the anniversary.

-Peter A. Downs, 2002

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